The Chairman's Message

Developing local maritime skills for a vibrant Saudi maritime industry

The Kingdom has set an ambitious trajectory with the enterprising Vision 2030 economic and social roadmap designed to create a transformed, more diversified economy which will place more demand for a variety of skills, trades and occupations.

As the Kingdom’s maritime industry begins to evolve and grow with the emergence of King Salman International Complex for Maritime Industries and Services combined with unprecedented expansion in marine and port operations, developing an institute for maritime studies became imperative in order to train and promote local Saudi talent in the sector.

The National Maritime Academy (NMA) marks a turning point in the maritime sector training in Saudi Arabia; it begins as the first internationally recognized maritime academy in the Kingdom. The essence of the Academy lies in “Developing local maritime skills for a vibrant Saudi maritime industry.”

By leveraging the immense promise of the King Salman International Complex for Maritime Industries and Services, we strive to contribute to a thriving commercial ecosystem that benefits our industry and above all, the Kingdom as a whole. It will specialize in developing and training young Saudis to work in shipbuilding & repairs along with marine & port operations and do so in collaboration with top tier international training providers. NMA is sure to provide the local maritime sector with qualified young Saudis who will pursue sustainable career in maritime.

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is a blueprint for attaining greater levels of sustained economic growth and diversification, and for creating new opportunities for its citizens. Our strategic objectives are in line with many aspects of Vision 2030 – the idea to create excellence in the Kingdom’s maritime industry, by developing Saudi human capital in the sector, are the very core of the Academy’s strategic objectives.

Our support for the Vision will enable the achievement of shared goals, with more impactful results. We envision the maritime sector delivering thousands of direct and indirect jobs for Saudis over the long term, with National Maritime Academy being the catalyst for the positive transformation.

I take this opportunity to invite you all to explore the Academy, and the promise it holds. Come on board on the voyage to success.

Best Regards,
Abdulhakim A. Al Gouhi
NMA Chairman